Hello Beloved!

Sometimes I tell a story worth telling, and I tell it well

My name is Tamanda Kanjaye and if not for the fact that I have an actual day job, I would have referred to myself as a full time writer/ poet and occasional misfit.

I started writing when I was six. One of my primary school teachers told me to consider becoming an author because I was an avid reader and had excellent composition skills and that was that. Not the coolest origin story- I know.

At the time I was greatly inspired by Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and I seriously considered dabbling in mystery and adventure stories. However, I soon realized that those genres weren’t for me. In my early teens I become interested in the gritty ebb and flow of the human experience. I explored these in my prose before branching them out into my poetry.

I have a small scattering of published pieces. Probably the first time my work received any recognition was in 2017 when my short story came third runner up in the inaugural Pen Avenue Malawi short story competition. My work has since appeared in the anthologies Water Birds On The Lake Shore and A Collection of Poetry and Prose: The Elements. I’ve also been featured on The Kalahari Review. My poems “meals for men” and “paint scars” came second and third runner up respectively in the 2020 and 2019 Makewana poetry competition. 

You can read more about me and my writing in this interview on Africa in Dialogue  between me and the amazing writer/poet Jaliya the Bird.

When I’m not enduring my day job or trying to force my brain to conjure up a sentence, I dance around the house with my hula-hoops, practice yoga and lift weights. I also love to read but I usually laze around on the couch and watch game shows with my mom.

I studied journalism at the University of Malawi- The Polytechnic and live in Lilongwe with my six dogs, my plant and my mom.